General information

NovaCode system is a project developed by three students from the HTL Ybbs an der Donau. This project will be continued as a standalone company after graduation.

The NovaCode-Team wants to thank

  • our project supervisors, DI Jürgen Altermüller and DI Christian Hammer,

  • the teaching staff of the Schulzentrums Ybbs an der Donau for the great support and cooperation,

  • Kilian Ramharter (@kilian.rmh) for the awesome portrait photos

  • and Sebastian Sitzenkopf for his performance as advertising character.
Without their support, NovaCode wouldn't be what it is today.

Designed by Sirisako
Designed by Harryarts

Which advantages does NovaCode offer?

Versatile Content

The QR-Code can only save text. In comparison, the NovaCode can contain much more types of information. Following types are supported at the moment:

  • Text
  • Multimedia-Files (Images/Videos)
  • Appointments
  • Contacts
  • Documents
  • Locations

Modern Design

The old black-white design of the QR-Code will be replaced by the colorful and modern design of the NovaCode. By purchasing Premium Articles, the design can be additionally customized individually by choosing back-/foreground colors and an icon of your choice.

Editing Contents afterwards

Changing information in NovaCode is easy. You don't have to download and distribute the NovaCode again, because after changing the contents of your Article, this new information can be accessed immediately, scanning the original NovaCode.

Is the usage of NovaCode free?

The system NovaCode shall provide free basic services, which are completely free of use. These services contain the free usage of all components, the limitation of 100 Regular-Articles and the free usage of the three basic designs and all types of downloads.

Accruing costs will only be charged for additional functions, which are intended for business users. Although premium services are meant for companies, however, every user can purchase these premium features.

Why would I upgrade to Premium?

Regular-Accounts can be upgraded to Premium-Accounts without further costs simply by providing personal related data. This upgraded account offers all the functionalities of the Regular-Account and enables the purchase of NovaCash, which can be spent for additional functions.


In the Premium-Shop, Premium-Users can extend their limitation of articles by means of NovaCash. The regular limit refers to the number of Regular-Articles which the user can handle at the same time. The limit of Premium-Articles indicates how many NovaCode-Articles the user can mark as Premium-Articles.


As a premium user you can place advertisements in NovaCode apps. This, however, requires NovaCash. These advertisements can be generated withouth costs. Yet, there will be a small fee for every visitor view or click.

Which advantages does a Premium-Article offer?

Owners of Premium-Accounts can upgrade their limit for Premium-Articles by means of NovaCash. This enables the upgrade of an existing Regular-Article to a Premium-Article. Upgrading the limit of the Premium-Articles does not extend the limit of the Regular-Articles.


Upgrading to a Premium-Article unlocks the Premium-Component for editing the article. This enables the configuration of user defined foreground and background colors as well as the upload of a specific article icon which will be displayed instead of the category icon.

Avoiding advertisements

By default advertisements will be displayed for any scanned NovaCode in the mobile apps in order to cover resulting costs. However, when scanning a Premium-NovaCode these advertisements are not shown.

Umlimited storage capacity

Each Regular-Article is limited concerning storage capacity. The limit per article is 500MB. On upgrade of an Regular-Article to a Premium-Article storage capacity is not limited anymore. However, the total storage capacity of all articles may still not exceed the maximum limit of a user.

What is meant by storage capacity limitation?

In order to avoid capacity overload of our servers there need to be limitations to storage capacity for NovaCodes. For flexibilitiy reasons two limits are used.

Storage capacity per user

Each user may take a maximum storage capacity. This results from the maximum number of Regular-Articles which a user can handle. Each NovaCode slot extends the total limit by 100MB. From these standard limits of 100 articles results a start limit of (100MB * 100 articles) 10 000MB which equals about 10GB. This limit is extended with each purchase of regular articles.

Storage capacity per article

The limitation per article is 500MB for Regular-Articles. Premium-Articles show no limitation, however, the storage capacity of Premium-Articles is added to the total storage capacity of a user; still, this storage capacity may not exceed the storage limit per user.

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Important Documents

Here you can download and view important legal documents regarding our system.

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